Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hold on to your tights....

Well hello everyone out there in internet land! I know I havent written a post in awhile, but all for good reason! I hope you have a nice warm cup of coffee or tea in hand and the kids are napping cause here goes one heck of a recap of the past 3 months of our lives!

First off, we bought our very first home! A very exciting and stressful event, but just one more milestone we can check off our list of goals. We are currently full blown into renovations but we should be moving in, in a few weeks.

Secondly, my baby boy turned 2! I cant believe two years have passed since he was born, at the risk of sounding cliché it really does feel like yesterday! We had a great party with family and friends with an angry bird theme.

A lot of people have been asking me for tips on kids parties. As all us parents know our kids are unpredictable and no matter what we do to try to ensure that everything goes off smoothly, a toddler meltdown can happen at any time. But here are a few tips that I use:

- Always plan the party around nap time! Make sure your kids get their naps on party day! This is very important! No nap means a 99% chance of meltdown!

-Do not decorate the house before nap time! Once your little ones see these decorations with their favorite characters, good luck getting them to sleep! I usually use nap time to decorate the house inside and out, seeing their faces when they wake up to a fully decorated house is also a huge plus!

-Just go with the flow! As a self admitting control freak, and mother of 2, I have learned that when it comes to little ones you have to just go with it, kids will be kids and  might as well enjoy it because it goes by way too fast!

Next up, something I find exciting, but my teenage daughter and husband think I'm nutso, is that we have a cute tiny Robin's nest in the little tree under our kitchen window, complete with 3 little blue eggs!!

I am so excited to watch the babies hatch and see everything happen from my window! I will give you all follow ups because regardless of how crazy my family thinks I am, I know that some of you out there are just as excited as I am!! :) (To add to my lunacy, I have named Mama bird Lucy.....ok so maybe I am crazy)

Last but not least, I wanted to share this super cute pic of my little man that we took yesterday. He thinks he is going off to work like Daddy! Even has his shoes on! So adorable!

I look forward to jumping back into blogging! So look out for some fun stuff and our updates as we move and head into our new adventures!

PS- I havent forgotten about the draw for the I NEED A BOX, I will be drawing a random name using tomorrow afternoon, so make sure you check in to see if you are a winner