Thursday, 31 March 2011

Guzzie and Guss 042

Ok so I am continuing my testing and reviewing the Guzzie and Guss 042 model stroller and I am still in love. Every day I find a new thing on the stroller and fall deeper in love! Today I realized that the fleece lining that is on the seat of the stroller comes off so that in the summer its not too hot here is the pic:

I didnt realize at first because it was winter that a fleece lining would be a problem in the But I am glad to see its an option to remove it!

I also assembled it with the bassinet part to show you. It only took me about 5 minutes to assemble it and have it ready to go. Here are a few different angles with the bassinet and it drove really well with the bassinet part on as well.

 Another great thing about this stroller is that there is a brake near the upper handle...for all you moms out there who wear flip flops in the summer and have tried to put the brakes on your stroller you know what I am talking about! I have ruined many a pedicure that way! Having the brake on the handle is a great idea!

Here are some more pics of the stroller with the seat part on it. Portland is so much more content to be facing me when we are out. He sits so much more peacefully!

Almost done my review and dont forget at the end I will have a giveaway! So make sure you tell your friends and follow me to be entered!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

We are getting close!

Tonight Nikki and I were playing with Portland downstairs and he decided he wanted to play with his push walker. Here is the video!

Pretty good I think! He gets so excited sometimes that he goes too fast! But I think he will be walking very soon!


I am starting to get the kids Easter baskets ready, and I am mostly done with the exception of a few things I need to pick up for Nikki and a couple of handmade things I want to add in, where would you say is the best place to buy big baskets is? The Dollarama I am assuming, I just dont know if they will have big enough ones? Maybe I will have to make 2 for each of them. I bought a cute Easter sign that I am going to put outside on Friday! I will for sure take a picture!

Oh and today was laundry day...the worst of the "days"! If you can believe it I did 7 loads of laundry today and I still have more to do tomorrow! That is the laundry we have for 4 people for one week I would say at least 12 loads per week! INSANITY! Is that even a normal quantity of clothing?

Awesome deals!

I recently have been finding lots of awesome deals online! Here are some of them!
You can get a free nursing cover if you enter the code "onefree" at checkout all you have to pay is shipping which I think is around 10$ so you save 32$.
You can get a free sling by entering the code that uddercovers gave you after you check out. So you save another 39$ again all you have to pay for is shipping! What a great shower gift these would be!
Awesome baby and kids clothing use the code "cleanup70" to get 70% off the entire store! I bought lots and saved over 250$!

I will keep posting as I find more!  Keep reading!

Monday, 28 March 2011

On to the next one..

Ok so now for the good fun stuff of the weekend! We went out for supper on Saturday to re-celebrate Nikki's birthday, since this month was so crazy busy we hadn't had a chance to officially go out for a birthday dinner! So we went to Casa Greque and had a great time! Portland was so well behaved I was actually able to finish my meal without him being in my lap. It was really fun! My secret when I make reservations is I always make the reservation for 3 more people then there actually is, that way I will know that I will have enough room, I have been to so many restaurants where they try to squish you into the smallest corner...which is annoying at best if you are just adults, but with a baby it is just impossible! So having that extra 3 places gives me the room I need!
Anyway food was great, company was great and we had lots of space!

Sunday we did the usual groceries and all that fun stuff, and I have to say writing my grocery list every Sunday is one of my most annoying chores to do. I hate thinking ahead for meals, sometimes I just dont know what I will feel like eating on Thursday...oh well I do it anyway, and when its done I am relieved!

Sunday nights we always watch Celebrity Apprentice, I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I have learnt to tolerate him for the show. Who I do really like is his daughter Ivanka. Something about her just intrigues me, she is very smart obviously and she looks like you don't want to mess with her. I guess its just refreshing to see an heir to a Billionaire not be a spoiled brat kid coming in and out of rehab. She is just so put together! Kudos to her!

Still not feeling so well thanks to McSickerson (see previous post) so I am off to bed, goodnight all !

And don't forget we are only 4 followers away from a new giveaway! Keep referring!!

I'm baaaaaaccckkkk!!!

Bet you guys thought I forgot about you! Well I didnt just had a busy weekend filled with lots of fun stuff and other not so fun stuff! I will talk about the fun stuff later tonight but right now I have to vent!
Got my hair cut in Saturday morning, which I never have time to do! I havent gone in at least 3 months, so I made the appointment and vowed to keep it no matter what! My hairdresser is in our local mall which is by no means a super mall. It has maybe 20 stores and they are all mostly terrible..but its close by and has the necessities so it works. I brought Nikki and on of her friends with me and let them walk around and shop while I had my hair did! My hairdresser god love her always remembers what hair cut I get even though I only see her quarterly, she never remembers my name, but thats ok as long as my hair gets beautified...

anyway onto my story...after I was done I decided to walk the mall just to see what was there. I went into a new little kids clothing store and found Portland the cutest Harley Davidson jacket ever! It wont fit him for a a little while but it was on sale so I had to have it! As I was waiting at the cash a woman comes in and I am not even kidding or exaggerating... looking like she was hit by a truck...she was so SICK...coughing and sneezing..her nose all raw and red she must have asked the cashier 5 times for a kleenex in the 10 minutes I was there...This is a huge problem for me and I was so angry....I can understand if you are sick and all alone and you need to run to the pharmacy or grocery store quickly to pick up a few items...but why oh why must you shop? Especially shop in a baby/kids clothing store? I find that so irresponsible and disgusting. I quickly bought the jacket and b-lined it out of there...
A little while later I was browsing in the dollar store and low and behold who is standing right in front of me...sicky Mcsickerson hacking into the open air...rubbing her nose and then touching every single thing she could...come on!!!!!! Nobody wants your germs!!! In my head all I could think was " I am so getting sick thanks to this dummy" So I am today feeling the tingle of a scratchy throat....that weird phelmy feeling in the back of my throat...and that sinus like stuffiness starting...

So great! Thank you very much sick stranger for sharing all your germs which now will pas through my whole family just because you could stay home....Some people are so ignorant!

Friday, 25 March 2011

And the winner of the giveaway is.....

KristinG! Congrats! I will contact you via the email you used to register! Keep it going guys, we are only 4 followers away from another giveaway!

Refer a friend giveaway!

Ok so here are the numbers given out for the giveaway:

  13. TANIA
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  23. TANYAB79
  28. DIANA
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The prize we are drawing for tonight is your choice of one of these two baby zoobies!

Aren't they adorable! You have 40 more minutes to get your referrals in and make sure you are a follower to be entered in the draw! Good Luck!

What a great Friday!

The moment I have been waiting for for 10 and a half months has arrived! My son is finally saying Mama! Not sure if he associates it 100% with me, but if he is in his playpen and wants to get out he shouts "MAMA"! I love it!
We had a ped appointment for him yesterday, and we go to the Tiny Tots clinic about 40 minutes away from here. They are basically the only place accepting new patients. Its a semi private clinic and I have to pay 10$ per visit, but they are really awesome! You can get same day appointments if you need and all their specialists are on-site so you can get referrals for whatever you need right there!
Anyway they did the usual questionnaire about milestones, eating habits, sleeping habits ect. Then we moved on to the height and weight stuff. Now P has always been above the average as far as height and weight, considering he was born at almost 10 pounds and was just short of 2 feet long! His previous appointment at 6 months he weight 18 pounds so when she weighed him yesterday I was expecting 25lbs +. He was only 20.5 pounds? He had dropped from the 70th percentile to the 30th? I wasnt panicking by any means because I know he eats like crazy and is definitely healthy, but I was taken back? Like what is going on here?

When the doctor looked at his chart she reassured me that everything was fine. She said that babies fluctuate curves for the first 2 years until they find their stable curve which is determined by genetics. She explained that because he was born a bigger baby he has sort of leveled out, if he had continued on that curve he would be an overweight baby.Since I am only 5'1 and Mike is 6 foot, he most probably wont be a 7' basketball player so his weight would have had to plateau at some point to correspond with his height! So just wanted to tell you moms and dads in case that ever happens to you, its normal!

Next up is my newest sewing project! I found a tutorial online and made this delightful little pocketed book for my sewing pins and accessories!

Not straight or perfect by any means! But cute right? :)

Don't forget tonight is the draw for the refer a friend giveaway! Make sure you get all the people you can to follow me so you can get some extra entries! And we are also only 7 fans away from my 50 follower giveaway, so refer away to win some cool stuff!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Simplify Challenge

So I am taking the simplify challenge...starting Monday for 4 weeks I will tackle a specific section of my home. For example the first area I plan to tackle is my closet. I give myself a week to get it all organized, take before and after pictures then the next week I move on to the next secret  location which will be revealed next Sunday night! If you care to join me in my challenge I would love to see your before and after pics! I will keep you posted on my journey and will provide moral support to anyone who cares to join the challenge with me!

Ok next I want to talk about the giveaways that are going on, I know it can be confusing when more then 1 is happening.

Giveaway # 1- Refer a friend

The draw will take place on Friday at 9 pm!

Here is how it works:Everyone who is following me will be entered into the draw, however for every referral, you will get an extra entry into the draw. The people you refer must become a follower of my blog and must leave a comment below this post saying who referred them.

Each person you refer counts as one extra entry in the draw, so for example if you refer 10 people to follow me, you will get 10 extra entries into the draw.

Giveaway #2 - Wanna win one of my handmade rice bags?

First person to refer 5 friends to FOLLOW me wins their own hand crafted rice bag! Please don't expect it to be perfect or have straight lines sewn in, but I promise it wont leak!

Make sure your referred followers comment here about who referred them
Must be new followers starting from today March 23rd!

OK just to clarify here are the rules: New followers have to both like my Facebook site (  and be a FOLLOWER of my blog by clicking the white FOLLOW button the on the right hand side of this blog site! Then comment below this post and tell me who referred them.Good luck!

Giveaway # 3 - 50 Follower

When we reach 50 followers I will have a giveaway. The prize is secret until the giveaway begins!

Giveaway #4 Guzzie and Guss

Once my review is complete of the Guzzie and Guss 042 model stroller I will be giving away 2 sets of their cute little mascot dolls. Courtesy of the awesome people of Guzzie and Gus!

Hope that clarifies things a bit! So make sure you are officially following my blog by clicking on the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of the blog page to be entered to win these great things!

You are in control of your life!

Sometimes as I am home with my little man I start to think...We are truly in control of our own lives..we only have negative people in our lives if we choose to have them there...we only have negative thoughts if we choose to have them...

Sometimes I feel like we are so busy and consumed with the "what next" we never have the time to enjoy the "right now". I constantly have a to-do list running through my head,  precious times when I should be relaxing and enjoy the moment all I am thinking about is what needs to be done next.

Maybe I am being a little sentimental when I say this, but every moment that passes is a moment that we will never get back. We have to learn to enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the laughter of children, enjoy how truly lucky and blessed we are "Right now".

When I think that I was a young teen mom having my daughter at 18, I had maybe 500$ a month to support us both and now I have met a great man who has taken such good care of us, I now have 2 children and a bright and happy future! So who cares if the laundry is piling up or if my living room is a bit dusty! I have a happy healthy family and a million reasons to enjoy every moment of my life!

So get outside, play on the floor with your kids, get messy! Your kids wont remember that their laundry took an extra day to get washed, they will remember all the great memories that you shared together!

Sewing project part 2!

Ok so here is the moment you have all been waiting for! Drumroll please...........................

The item I made as my very first sewing project is a rice bag! These are put in the microwave and heated and you can use them on sore muscles, cramps, name it! It isn't perfect but my lines are much straighter thanks to a tip from a fellow sewing buff!

Here are some may all look forward to receiving one for your

Wanna win one?...First person to refer 5 friends to FOLLOW me wins their own hand crafted rice bag!

Make sure your referred followers comment here about who referred them
Must be new followers starting from today March 23rd!

OK just to clarify here are the rules: New followers have to both like my Facebook site (  and be a FOLLWER of my blog by clicking the white FOLLOW button the on the right hand side of this blog site! Then comment below this post and tell me who referred them.Good luck!

What do you guys do to relax?

I would love to hear some of what you guys to do relax? I read that you should take at least two 15 minute breaks everyday to relax...I would like to try and do this! Let me know what your idea of relaxing is by commenting below!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sewing project part 1

Ok so I know I told you guys I would show and tell you my first ever sewing project, but alas...its just not finished yet! Thought I would have time to finish it off tonight but by the time I got all my nightly things done, I was just too tired!
So I will for sure finish up in the morning and show you guys!

I had to share this video of P playing tonight! He is too funny, he must have a hundred toys downstairs to play with but all he wanted to do was play with his toy bucket!

I also wanted to mention that more than one person has emailed me or messaged me and told me that stuff on my blog has helped them. Either they relate to me, they have used a product after reading my reviews or they have listened to my experience and advice and it has helped them in someway. I really love to hear things like that! If this blog can even help out one person I will be fulfilling my purpose! I really enjoy writing this blog and the fact that you guys love it too, makes me so happy!

The countdown has begun!

The time has come as the clock starts to tick on my countdown to Portland's first birthday! I cannot believe that a year has passed already! I now go into planner mode, which as my family knows means I go a little loco and may possibly have some mood
No but seriously the perfectionist/control freak in me always needs and wants everything to go perfectly. Although I dont plan on throwing a party the style of that show "Party Mamas", there wont be a petting zoo...and he wont arrive by helicopter, I do want certain things to fall into place!

The theme has to be perfect and of course I have chosen a more complicated theme that is not easily obtainable, Special Agent OSO, now I figured why go with a common theme like Zoo, or cowboy when I know he really really loves Special Agent OSO.Although he won't remember or even realize what is going on, I will know that he had a theme he loved. Most of the things I will probably have to make myself since there just isn't much out there for this theme.

I have also started the guest list, which although you would think would be a short and easy task for a 1 year old's birthday, it really is not. A lot of politics and "he doesn't like her and she doesn't like him" business was swirling in my head when I finally said to myself, this is crazy...I am inviting everyone to celebrate this day with us, if they choose not to attend because another person is there, it is their loss. Sometimes we lose sight of what the meaning truly is. We are all there to celebrate this special occasion of Portland's first year. This is his day and he deserves the best!

Now to get into crazy mode! Maybe if I am lucky I can recruit Nikki into crazy mode with me and she can help me with some of the tasks I need to cover!Stay tuned as I know that I will have lots of venting to do in the weeks to come...

Monday, 21 March 2011

Surprise giveaway!

Refer a friend!

The draw will take place on Friday at 9 pm!

Here is how it works:Everyone who is following me will be entered into the draw, however for every referral, you will get an extra entry into the draw. The people you refer must become a follower of my blog and must leave a comment below this post saying who referred them.

Each person you refer counts as one extra entry in the draw, so for example if you refer 10 people to follow me, you will get 10 extra entries into the draw.

Good Luck!!!

Fabric choices

So here are the fabrics I bought. I am looking for suggestions for what to make with them..please note that I am a complete beginner and can barely sew in a straight line. So if anyone has any tips for using a sewing machine that could help me out, or project ideas of what I could make with this fabric please comment below! I would love to hear from you guys!

It's all about the benjamins....

So I have been looking for a toy for my son's first birthday, its a plush bear from disney named Special Agent OSO. The Disney site has been sold out of these bears for as long as I have been looking for them. They retail 16.95. People on eBay are selling them for 60$-90$. This really sickens me when people do this. Instead of making a little kid happy, they go into the stores by all their stock and sell them for triple what they paid..Disgusting. I know that money makes the world go round' but when it comes to kids I find it despicable..They know that parents will do anything to make their kids happy and they play on those emotions. The Disney UK store always has stock of everything but they do not ship to Canada. Why does the store over there always have them and we don't here? It wouldn't surprise me if it was Disney themselves that were selling them on eBay!

Here is my precious bear that I am looking for:

If anyone knows where I can a decently priced one, or sees one in their Disney store and feels like picking it up for me I would greatly appreciate it!

I had to put this up!

This is so funny and cute I couldn't resist!

So adorable!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Is it Sunday already?

I'm telling you the days and weeks just fly by! It was just Friday and now here we are Sunday 8pm...

Made a quick trip to Walmart today, the day slipped past us somehow and after doing groceries and other errands we only managed to get on our way at almost 4 and they close at 5! So hubby stayed with baby in the truck and Mommy ran in, I felt like I was on that old supermarket show, where they had a list of things they needed to find and they had to be the first one at the cash to win...

Well got my fabric, although sadly they have closed down the fabric section at the Walmart near me, they still sell pre measured packs at 10$, 12$ and 30$. But all the patterns they used to have are all gone.. I will have to look online.

Got my new Vileda Pro mist mop today, same idea as a swiffer only you use your own cleaner and have a re-usable machine washable cloth. I love the idea of swiffer for quick mops of the floor, but it was just too expensive to continue to buy all the cloths and cleaner! I will try this one out and let you guys know how it works!
My Nikki got some new jammies and a movie using some of her birthday money, I swear she must have a million pairs of Pj's but she loves them!

Just a reminder that I feel a surprise giveaway coming on sometime this week! So make sure you are following me by clicking the FOLLOW button to the right of this blog!

Tomorrow I will post pics of the fabric I bought and see if you guys have any suggestions as to what I can make with it!

First day of Spring

Today is officially the first day of Spring! So can somebody please explain to me why we have a snowfall warning for tomorrow? Expecting 10-15 cm of snow!! Come on!!! Ease up on us mother nature! I know your mad and all but geeeez! I wanted to share this picture of my front proof that the snow was actually going away and I could see grass!

We didn't go to Walmart yesterday, the weather was just to gorgeous to be inside a store, we went for a nice long walk around noon, then had family over and sat out for a bit! It was nice to finally be able to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air!

I am proud to say that last night I bought and registered my new website name! Love how this started out as a way to vent and jot down some memories to a cool fun mini-job! I love to be able to have other moms and dads read my daily blurbs and relate to me!

So I think we are going to Walmart today, hopefully I can get some good stuff on sale, and test out the Guzzie and Guss some more!

Have a great day and stay tuned for my blog tonight to see if I made any great purchases!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Potty Mouth Parents!

I have to say that one thing that really bothers me is when I hear a parent curse in front of or even worse curse AT their children! I know sometimes they can act out or get under our skin, but there really is no reason to curse at them. Now, this is coming from me a person who NEVER curses, unless I am very very angry. Sometimes I will say something like "crap" and my hubby looks at me like I used the worst word in the book!
I cringe when I hear curse words! So when I hear a Mom or Dad in a store using them in frustration with their kids, I can't stand it!
Please parents, use caution when speaking with your kids, they learn by example and look up to you for how they are supposed to act and love to mimic how we do things! Be kind and be patient! We all want our kids to grow up and be respectful and caring adults!

And that was this mornings vent! Stay tuned for more!

Friday, 18 March 2011

My family is whole again...and BOA round 2...

Nikki is home safe!! We were supposed to go and pick up the kids from the school at 3 which was their ETA. But I was watching out the an anxious mommy, and saw the bus pull into the parking lot at 2:40. Grabbed the baby popped on his jacket and boots and out the door we went!

She looked so tired, but she was happy to be home! She said she had a great trip, and was skiing on the big hills by the end! So proud of her. But she said she doesn't want to go away again any time soon, she really missed us!
I am just so happy she is home and my family is whole again. I can relax and breathe easy!

I had great company today, some old friends came by for coffee and it was really nice to catch up! It helped what would have been a long day, pass quickly! So thanks guys!

To top it all off my dearest ladies at Baby Heist had another BOA today. Cant wait to tell you guys what I got this time!

So a very tired mommy is off to bed, excited for my trip to Walmart tomorrow, I plan on buying some things for my sewing projects, see what I am capable of making with my new sewing machine. Gonna bring along my Guzzie and Gus stroller, give it the ultimate shopping with P test!
Stay tuned for the results!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I made it!!

Even though is was a loooonnngggg week! Tomorrow my princess will be home!! I can't wait! I have to be at the school to pick her up at 3pm. Ill be there waiting at

Tomorrow is also exciting because I am having coffee with two old friends from high school! We keep in touch on facebook, but it will be fun to catch up in person! Friends,coffee and Nikki coming home! What could be better on a Friday!

We had gorgeous weather today and lots of snow has melted, I can even see a little grass! We went for a walk today so I had the opportunity to test out the Guzzie and Guss 042 Stroller....I AM IN LOVEEEE!! What a great stroller! I love the fact that the seat is reversible so my little guy can see mommy as we walk, he was so much more content that way. I have tested other strollers where only the handle is reversible and believe me it sounds great at first but usually only the front tires swivel meaning that when you switch over the handle the swivels end up in back so you basically can only steer in a straight line..This stroller has the option of both, you can either reverse the handle or reverse the seat! I love it! It drives very very well, the canopy is nice and big and it comes with a foot cover. I am literally in stroller heaven! Those were my feelings on day one of testing..stay tuned for more input, and for my final overview of the stroller in the week ahead! And don't forget I will be having a giveaway and a coupon code at the end of my review, so make sure you are a follower both here and on my facebook page to be entered!

Day 1.

Momma's St-Patty's boy!

As promised here is the pic of P in his outfit!

He's been acting a little out of sorts today hope he isn't getting more teeth! Let the poor guy get the 6 he is getting now come in before more come through! Before I know it he will be ready to eat steak!

If You're Lucky Enough To Be Irish, Then You're Lucky Enough!

Happy St-Patty's day everyone! One of my favorite days of the year! Its a proud part of my heritage and love to celebrate it! I have a cute outfit ready for P to wear today, I will post a pic later on today! But my morning started like this!

Just the way I like it! Momma always needs her cup of coffee in the morning or I am not functional! A while back we had run out of coffee and that whole day was horrible! I was so tired, not feeling well and had headaches. I am addicted to caffeine! I will admit it! I gave it up for the whole 9 months of my pregnancy though, and I was fine, I even stayed away from soft drinks and chocolate! ( I know a little OCD) But I wanted to take every precaution I could!
But now that my baby bearing days are behind me I am free to live in a caffeine high world!

Last night was my first giveaway! It was really fun and exciting! Congrats to Heather Hofer on winning the Turtle Gus nighlight!

I received my Guzzie and Gus stroller yesterday to review and since today is supposed to be a nice warm +9 and sunny in the afternoon, I am looking forward to starting my testing today! Ill have a great giveaway too at the end of my testing graciously provided from the wonderful people at Guzzie and Guss! I will also have a great coupon code for those of you interested in grabbing one for yourselves! So stay tuned!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

And the winner is......

I drew a number using and here is the result!

The winner is number 23.Heather Hofer!!! Congrats I will be in contact with you via the email you used to register!

And don't worry everyone I will have lots of great giveaways in the next coming weeks! Stay Tuned!


Ok so here is the list of names with assigned numbers. They are random numbers that I am giving to each person as I go down my list of followers:

1.Naomi Oderkirk
5.Judy Dickson
7.Randi Thertell
8.Funky Kat
11.Tina McNulty
19.Andrea Grant
21.Heidi Coones
23.Heather Hofer
25.Beatriz Bailey
28.Christy Douglas

Here are my numbers, if I get any more followers before 9pm they will be added with continuing numbers on this post. 40 minutes left!

In case you are wondering why there are 30 followers and 28 names, my sister and I have been excluded from the contest!

We Did it!!!!!!

We have hit 25 followers!! I am so excited! My first giveaway!!!! Ok folks this is the prize!

A Baby Zoo Turtle Gus Nightlight! One of my favorite products for a child's room!

Here is some info about Gus:

Turtle Gus is a charming nightlight toy designed to help children fall asleep. Turtle Gus is safe to take to bed because the nightlight does not get warm and automatically shuts off after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. The timer function also prolongs battery life. The brightness of the light can be adjusted by a switch on the bottom of the shell. Two AA batteries operate Gus, so he can go with your child on trips overnight. To turn Turtle Gus on or off, simply push on his shell.

P has one and loves it! Mommy has used it for power outages too!

So here is how the contest will work. I will assign each one of my followers a number, that I will post on my blog right before the draw then I will use to draw one of those numbers and whose ever number is chosen is the winner!The winner will be drawn tonight at 9pm,EST and everyone who is following me at that time will be entered.And don't forget I will be having another giveaway at 50 followers! Good luck everyone!

**The winner will posted on my blog and also will be contacted by private msg via the email registered to sign up to follow my blog!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Halfway Through!

So its a dreary Wednesday, raining and gloomy outside, but it is officially halfway through the week, which means my Nikki girl will be home in 2 days! I can't wait!
I will continue my basement clean up today (hopefully!) and maybe I will be able to find some of the things I have been looking for over the last few months! Yesterday I found a basket full of pants that I put away last year when I was pregnant. Last year at this time the sight of them made me nauseous since I was well aware I could not fit in them!
I also found some pictures that I was looking for that I will scan and put up here tonight, of Nikki when she was tiny! Time goes by so fast and the kids grow so quick that I am thankful to have all these pictures to remember certain moments.

I have to tell you guys about a prank that Mike and Nikki pulled on me on Sunday. They had gone out to do the usual errands and came back with weird looks on their faces. Nikki ran in telling me that the guy at the cash of Jean Coutu told them that he found out that our local KFC ( which burnt down about a year ago I think) was caught using Skunk Meat instead of chicken just before the fire and were about to be shut down! Now for those of you who don't know me....I have a huge phobia of Skunks, I dont like the way they walk or smell or look or anything about them. I literally freeze in my skin if I see one even on TV! So you can imagine my reaction when I knew that I had eaten from that KFC just a few weeks before they closed! I sat down in the kitchen chair and rocked back and forth...repeating " NO,NO,NO" Then I looked up and they had a look on their face of semi laughter, semi-regret...guess they didnt think my reaction would be that Anyway they divulged that they were only kidding, but that was a terrible thing to do to me! Now I must think of something to get them back! I am accepting suggestions.. ;)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nothing like a BOA to brighten my day..

Well here it is folks! The day we have all been waiting for! My BOA has arrived! I also received a few other parcels I was waiting for so it was like Christmas! Well here it is:

If you recall I had chosen the 50$ BOA for age 18-24 mths ( cause that's his clothing size and I always go bigger to make sure he can use whatever I get)

This is what I received:

I have to say I was sooooo happy! The item I wanted the very most (A dream Blanket)I received! So add in the tons of other great things I got with it, and you have one happy Mama!!
As soon as I opened it all up I ran to my computer to send a thank you email to the ladies at Baby Heist, they really treat all their customers the same way as they would treat their friends and family. The customer service is just terrific and they will do anything they can to help! I hope to meet these ladies in person one day since they do a lot of trade shows and play date get togethers.

Here are a few closer pics of the stuff I received:
First is a super cute T-shirt:

Next is a hoodie that says " LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS":

A rock and rattle long sleeved shirt:

Some super cool shades!

My most amazing Dream blanket (which retails at 50$ or more alone!)

and some big packets of 50 SPF kids sunblock!

Those ladies at Babyheist gave me a ray of sunshine during my bad week! Thanks a million ladies you guys are amazing!

My next parcel contained 2 shirts that I ordered from a Work from Home mom who makes adorable things! Sadly she will be closing down her shop as she just didnt have the time to keep up with the orders she was getting. But thankfully I was able to order these super cute shirts from her:

So I had a pretty good day,got some of my spring cleaning done. I love the feeling of purging! I love organization and getting rid of things that I no longer need or use! Only got 1/4 of the way done, but its a start !
Basement-0 Momma-1

Now for a new episode of Glee!

Good night!

Monday, 14 March 2011

The day I was dreading...

Well this morning we got up at 7, we had to get Nikki over to the school for 7:30 to get the bus for her ski trip this week. I dealt with my insecurities last night promising myself I wasn't going to cry. She woke up just minutes after me and was excited but attached to my hip. I knew she was feeling a little insecure and maybe nervous about going, but was happy and excited at the same time. She said her goodbyes to Mike and off we went. Once at the school I was sure she would be off with her friends and just say " OK bye Mom" which believe me would have been so much easier for me....but she refused to let me go until the bus was pulling away....a long drawn out goodbye was not in my plan!!! How would I cope! Needless to say as all the parents around me were laughing and joking around I was starting to feel that lump in my throat as she boarded the bus....Finally the door closed I waved to her and made a B-line towards home! Once I hit the end of the driveway I broke down...My little girl was all grown up! And she would be gone without mommy to take care of her for the whole week!! I know she will be fine and have lots of fun! But I will still probably cry a little everyday and miss her soooo much!

Here is the bus with all the kids boarded...This about the time where the lump was making its way up my throat!

I didnt get very far in my Spring cleaning today, as I spent most of my day basking in my sadness of my Nikki being gone. But I plan to get back on track tomorrow and get some stuff done. The weather is great too so it makes it harder to be inside, but I am loving that it is dark until almost 7 pm which enables me to take P out for a walk after dinner and we are finally able to get some fresh air! Let's hope the weather stays this way for a little while!

I didn't get my BOA today sadly....Canada Post is not very reliable I guess, but I am expecting it tomorrow so keep your eyes open for my post!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Busy Week Ahead!

So the time has changed to an hour ahead, and I am already messed up...Firstly because I haven't had the chance to change all the clocks yet so half of my clocks are on the new time and half are on the old Secondly now because P woke up at 7:30 which was actually 8:30 he ate at 9 and just went down for his nap at perfected routine has been all jumbled up! Not a good thing for a control freak! It will just take maybe a week of adjusting and we will be fine!

This is going to be a busy week for me! My daughter leaves for her School ski trip tomorrow morning so today we will be packing her stuff and running around to get the little odds and ends she is missing.
Tomorrow is the day I will start my spring cleaning! Thanks to the motivation of a friend of mine who started hers this weekend! It will be a huge task, but a huge relief once its done! That way when the nice weather rolls around I will be free to get out and enjoy!
Tomorrow is also the day according to Canada Post, that I should receive my B.O.A from ( See previous post)! I can't wait to see what is in it and tell you guys! I'll post some pics too!
Thursday I get my Guzzie and Guss stroller to review and I am really excited about that! I have been on the market for a stroller with a reversible seat for awhile, but there are so many to choose from that I am anxious to finally be able to test drive one!
Thursday is also St-Patty's day! Although the holiday now mainly consists of younger people and sometimes older people heading out to the bars for some green beer, this holiday is a fun family one for us since we are Irish! I try to make the most fun out of every holiday even the small ones for the kids to enjoy! I have a special surprise outfit for P that I bought a few weeks ago. Ill post a pic on Thursday to show you guys!

Yesterday we headed out to a mall nearby to do some shopping and get Mommy out of the house!! I have to say the shopping trip was actually enjoyable! P was so very well behaved! He had a small nap in the car on the way down and I brought some cheerios with me to keep him content! He was great! I didnt end up buying anything since I found the stores had nothing to offer me...except one store which had a really nice shirt on sale for 12$. I looked through to find a size small and was able to find only 1, so I took it off the rack...only to feel that it was still warm...warm from the last person who tried it on what must have been minutes prior to them putting back on the rack...GROSS!!!! I put it back on the hook and continued my day...I know that other shirts I have purchased have probably been tried on before, but to actually feel the heat of the other person still on the shirt???? I couldn't do it!

Oh well maybe I will have better luck next weekend! I am hoping to plan a trip to Walmart, I just love that store and I can spend hours in there! Here is a pic of my prince asleep in the car on the way down!

So keep your eyes open everyone for my new posts! And don't forget to LIKE my Facebook page as well by clicking LIKE on the right upper corner of my blog page! Its going to be a fun week I think! I just wish my girl was going to be home! This is the longest she has ever been away from home and Mommy is having anxiety.. :(

Saturday, 12 March 2011

I'm not old...Im just mature!

I can remember back when I was young and my parents were in their 30's and I would think man they are old! Well now that the shoe is on the other foot and in a few short months I will be in that number category...I thought 25 hit me hard but 30 is going to be a dark day I think! I know everyone says you are only as old as you feel....well sadly I feel 80! Sometimes my body aches and I cant eat the things I used to or I gain weight or get heartburn...I always laugh when I look over at hubby's night stand, he has his gold bond hand cream, his bottle of tums and his heating pad. All he is missing is his denture cup and we are officially 80 years

Being on the computer a lot I have noticed that I am squinting to read most of the time, so I dug out my old glasses that I got maybe about 7 years ago, I look pretty awful in them but I sure can see better! I think a trip to lens crafters for some nicer frames may be in order though!

This is what I look like and I'm not even kidding:

I can't write my blog today without mentioning that my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Japan and all around the world, with all the tragic disasters that have happened the last couple of days. You really have to stop and think about how grateful we should be,we complain about the cold and the snow, but think of all these countries where severe weather has completely devastated their entire cities and sometimes even countries. Ill take snow and cold any day! Please support your local red cross and other organizations so that we can reach out and help these poor people in their worst times!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Shopping wars!

My hubby works long hours 5 days a week so my weekends are my precious 2 days that I can get out of the house! I dont drive and winter has been soooo long, so I am literally staring at the same walls all week long!
I try my best to do an outing on Saturdays preferably to a mall or store of some sort so I can continue enabling my shopping addiction!
However my son does not have the same ideas, he does not like to be restrained whatsoever! He will sit happily in the stroller for 15 minutes max and they he is screaming to get out.
So I sat down and researched what else I could do, and bought my self a shopping cart cover for the days that we would go to a Walmart or Zellers thinking that he would have a perfect view of his surroundings and play happily with all the toys attached to it while mommy shopped....Let's just say that joy was short lived, about 20 minutes into it the toys got old and he was aware that although the view was great he was still buckled in!
So what is a Mom/Shopaholic to do? My daughter was so portable when she was a baby she would happily sit in her car seat or stroller for hours on end and fall asleep anywhere.
My next option is a baby carrier,when he gets fed up of being in the restrained seated position I can scoop him up and have him be happily in my arms while I am still able to be hands free. But there are so many out there available how can I chose the best one?
Good news is, I will be getting a few different models to review shortly, so I am really excited about that! At least I will be able see which one works best for us.I am hoping that having the carrier as a back up will enable me to get out a little more often and not have to rush through my shopping!
If any of you other mommies have any other ideas please let me know!

Oh! And before I forget, I took a pic of the onesie I bought at Giant Tiger last week with my sister, I told you guys I would post a pic so here it is...pretty cute I think!

It's my party and I'll have Pizza if I want to!

Last night we had a small family get together for my daughter's 12th birthday. While she was at school I made her a special cake and decorated the house. I also got her little brother all dressed up in a fancy outfit for her special day!

Just like every year she got to choose what she wanted to have for dinner, this year she chose to have Pizza Hut. Now I think the Pizza is OK there, it is by no means my favorite but the stuff is so expensive! I always feel so ripped off when I order it. Even when they have "specials" you always ending up adding extras so it still costs and arm and a leg.
Well last night we were going to be 6 people so I ordered 2 large and a small. I couldnt believe it when I saw the size of the small 8 teeny tiny slices, it looked like a kids bambino pizza..and it cost 14$!!!! Oh well! She had her Pizza and was very happy! That is really what matters!

Here is a pic of my birthday girl!

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up, Nikki leaves for her week long ski trip on Monday with the school, which I am so nervous and sad about...I really dont like her being away from me for that long.. :(

Then we have my sisters birthday and my brother in-laws birthday. And the weekend after Nikki gets back she is having her birthday party with her friends...Hopefully in April I will do NOTHING at all! Although I am thinking of planning a trip to Kitchener to see my family out there, just trying to figure out if its possible logistically with P?

So that's it for now, just wanted to let you guys know that I have been in contact with lots of companies about doing product reviews and I have some really cool stuff coming up including giveaways! In order to enter though you have to be a follower so sign up and follow me we will have lots of fun together!