Magic Bibs

I received a Magic Bib in a loot bag from a playdate held by Baby Heist. I have to say that I am so impressed with these bibs!

Here is some info to start off with :

The stretchy pocket uses magnets to affix to the highchair tray so the pocket stays open and the mess stays inside and off your child’s clothes. Finally, a bib that works!!

Directions for use:
• Remove the included strip magnet, peel off the back adhesive tape and affix to the highchair tray on the inside closest to your child’s chest. (Ensure tray surface is clean and dry.)
• Place the Magic Bib™ on your child then properly secure them in their high chair.
• Once you have them seated securely, put the tray in place and line up the magnet inside the front pocket of the Magic Bib™ to the magnet now affixed to the tray.
• Purchase extra strip magnets for use on other high chairs.
• Recommended for children in high chairs. (6 months to 3+)


  A Safe & Healthy Choice:

  • BPA and PVC Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Vinyl Free
  • Free of lead and other toxic elements

    This is such an amazing product! All my time wasted every morning picking up cheerios out of the high chair is gone! Everything is caught in the pocket of the bib which is kept open by the magnet! Genius!

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