Vileda Pro Mist Mop

I was attracted to this mop for two reasons...First I love the idea of the Swiffer wet mops but I don't like the cost factor of constantly buying refills. Being a mom with 2 kids, one of which has just started table foods I need and use a quick mop daily. After awhile the Swiffers get pricey! The Vileda mop comes with a refillable bottle of which you can use your own cleaning solutions and comes with 2 re-usable, machine washable clothes. I can fill the bottle with any cleaning solution that I need and just toss the cloths into the washer when I'm done. I chose to buy another set of cloths just so I always have a backup on hand, but the choice is yours. The cloth is machine washable up to 100 times, so you can get plenty of use out of the one it comes with.

Second thing I liked about this is the fact that we have both ceramic tile flooring and hardwood flooring in my house. So the option of using your own cleaning solution works great for us. I can use anything I need for whichever floor I am washing!

So my first impressions after using the mop today:

1. The sprayer emits a nice quantity of cleaning solution and covers a nice range of area.

2. I was skeptical at first of the bottle being too small, and thought that I would have to refill the bottle halfway through, but there was actually some cleaning solution leftover after I did my entire kitchen floor. Enough that enabled me to even do the bathroom floors.

3. The mop pad picked up 99% of the fluff and dust from the floor, missing a hair every now and again but my regular mop does the same.

4. Does not take up too much space so I have enough room to store it beside the fridge so it is always at hand when I need it.

Overall I am happy to say that I really love this mop, it will be perfect for my day to day use!
I highly recommend this for anyone who currently has a Swiffer and is sick of always having to buy expensive refills!

I'm working on trying to find a coupon to share with you guys for this mop, to make it and even better product for you!