Thursday, 28 April 2011

Awesome sites!

Just bought some stuff from this site it has really cute stuff!

This is where I bought Portland's birthday themed things:

Another cool site for baby stuff:

Suzy Shier is having a one day 40% off everything in the store today only!

Enter code MOTHERS2011 to get 20% off  on the Robeez site!

Built in babysitter?? No thanks!

So when I am out with both kids I get many many remarks from people about the 11 year age gap between them, everything from "wow what a lucky brother to have a great big sister" to my favorite..." wow you are so lucky to have a built in babysitter"...I cringe when I hear that. People automatically assume that I must have waited that long between children in order to get off scott free when it comes to a babysitter...well they are hugely mistaken...while yes she is a great help and can be my extra set of hands when my other 8 hands are occupied she is not and will not ever be asked to watch her brother so I can relax, go out or nap...this is my baby not hers and its not her responsibility to take care of him. Again I am not saying she cant help me out now and then but I do not ever want her to feel like she is a "built-in-babysitter"!

My little guy is feeling better although he was starting with a weird cough this morning that I am not to happy about...he hasn't coughed again since but I will still be on the lookout!

My hubby is away for work this week and I plan to get a lot done before he gets see he is a worrier....he doesnt like when I take tasks upon myself that I dont have to, so when he goes on business trips I take care of all those things that make him cringe...this weekend for example I am going to change our clothesline..replace the light bulb above the garage, do some landscaping, clean the garage and throw tons of stuff out...He is quite used to it by now and I am sure he just braces for it when he gets home...always thinking in the back of his mind " what did she do?" lol But in the end he is always happy with the progress I have made!

I have finally finished the planning for Portland's first birthday, I procrastinated, but I got everything booked and ordered this week, so now I just sit back and wait for the big day..I cannot believe he will be 1 in 12 days....makes me so sad and happy at the same time! Sad because he is my last "baby" and happy to see how happy and healthy he has grown to be! Now its time for my sister to have a baby so I can get my fix of baby from her little one!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hockey Fever!

Ok so I admit that I only watch hockey during the playoffs...and only if the Canadiens are in the playoffs...otherwise I just dont care...its kinda like the super bowl where I pick my favorite color jersey to win...I know all you hardcore sports fans are cringing...hahahhaa

My little guy was sick over the weekend, we went over to my in-laws for Easter dinner and he started to feel a bit warm...then he got crabby then a full blown cry fest..I knew something was up so after supper we went home. You can always tell your kids arent feeling well by the way they act...all he wanted to so was  snuggle and lay on not like him he is usually hyper and wanting to play...we basically spent Sunday and part of Monday alternating between mommy and daddy and snuggling while we watched some episodes of Oso. My poor boo boo...if there is one thing that can bring a mother to her knees its a sick child...we are helpless and would do anything to trade places with them..its so hard for us to see our kids like that..On the bright side he was feeling better today..not 100% but we are getting there.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thank you Listen to Lena!!

A fellow blogger wrote a tribute to all us Product Reviewing Bloggers! She is 100% right! Here is her post :

I've been wanting to write this post for quite some time, and since I'm currently "unplugged" due to my Reno-cation, I figured it's an opportunity to power up the emergency laptop and begin typing away.
Today I'd like to recognize, salute and celebrate every review blogger out there who has ever been labelled "that lucky b*tch who gets all the free stuff." Now although I'm not a full-time reviewer, I do count myself in this category, and yes, we're pretty lucky.
But it's a terrible misconception that we receive items for free. On the contrary, we work very hard for the items. And the majority of us are also balancing kids and a household to boot. Still skeptical? Let me break it down for you, speaking personally from my own experience:

1. Before I receive an item to review, I can exchange up to 10 e-mails, phone messages or a combination of the two with a company. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes! I wish the products could just magically appear on my doorstep, but alas, they don't. (Most of the time; I must admit I've received a pleasant surprise once or twice.)

2. Once I receive the item, I have the responsibility of testing it in a timely fashion, noting interesting user facts, and writing a fair and impartial review. The feature can include pictures, videos, and sometimes requires much time leafing through press info. Yes, it can be fun, but it's also my reputation (and the reputation of the sponsoring company) on the line, and that's an awesome responsibility.

3. Then, most often, I coordinate a reader giveaway, which necessitates promotion, follow up and further exchanges with the company and readers.

And the thing is, I'll go through the exact same steps when reviewing a $20 hat or a $200 high chair. I think I can speak for most review bloggers when I say that sometimes the time spent on reviewing and writing about a product far outweighs the retail value... but we still do it, especially if we believe in the product or know our readers will love it.

So do we receive stuff for free? Nope.
We work for it, just like everyone else. If I returned to the workforce I could conceivably just buy all the items I currently receive and skip all the steps above. But I enjoy blogging so much that it seems like a fair trade-off, and am fortunate in that tons of awesome folks take the time to read my blog every day. (LOVE my readers! xo)

And while on the subject,
I'd like to extend a very special thank you to all the companies who believe in bloggers - who value our opinion, appreciate our influence and reach, and allow us to formulate our own conclusions without coercion.

So to all my fellow reviewers out there... here's to all the hard work you put in to earn that stroller! Or set of labels! Or bottle of shower gel! Whatever it is... HIGH FIVE Y'ALL! 

She is so right! Thanks for representing us all Lena!

You can follow Lena's blog at:

Hot deal!

Groupon has a hot deal today!!  You can grab $40 worth of General Mills Products for $20!!  I just bought this one!  What does the General Mills purchase come with?
The deal is $20 for a General Mills Sampler Pack, Coupon Book and Shipping…which doesn’t sound very sexy, but then you figure out what’s actually in the sampler pack:
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  • 11 ounce Green Giant Corn Niblets
  • 9.5 ounce Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers
  • 5 ounce Fruit Roll-Ups
  • 10.5 ounce Chex Mix Muddy Buddies snack mix
  • 17.5 ounce Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix
  • 13.7 ounce Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken dinner kit

All that AND a coupon book.  The terms say that there is a limit of 2 per person, plus an additional 2 that can be purchased as gifts.

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coupon crazy

Ok so everyone is talking about that new show on TLC Extreme Couponing... No matter how many times I watch it I am amazed at how this could be possible? So this is my experiment..I will try my best to see how much I can save on a shopping trip. I mean I use coupons here and there but I have never really really thought about what I could I know the USA has different policies about doubling coupons and in store cards and stuff and I dont plan on buying 600$ of groceries and paying 6$ but I would like to see how much money I can truly save if I put my mind to it..also I will only buy things that I will actually use unless its free then I will donate it. We will see what I can come up with!! Stay tuned!

Today we had a consultation with an oral surgeon for Nikki. She was born with two extra baby teeth called "Mesodens" they are tiny little baby teeth that are high up in the pallet and are very rare. When she was 7 we had one of them removed but the other one was too high up in her pallet. So last year when we went to see an orthodontist about getting braces he told us that in order for the braces to do their job we would have to get the other tooth removed. So here we are now seeing the Oral Surgeon. They took a few more x-rays and she told me she had never really seen a tooth in that position...great...
She said she has never gone in to get a tooth and come out no being able to get it. The downside....she would have to be put to sleep for the surgery....not too crazy about that part. I told Nikki that since this was an aesthetic issue and was not impeding in her health that the choice would be hers..The surgeon also said that if we were to wait another 2 or 3 years we could also have her wisdom teeth removed at the same time, so that it would just be one surgery instead of multiple...
At this point she is leaning towards just leaving things the way they are as you can imagine any child is afraid of the word surgery, so we will wait for now and see how she feels a little later on, at least now we know what it will consist of! I am very impressed with the Montreal Children's dental clinic, they are just awesome with the kids and I would recommend them to anyone!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The routine...

When my daughter was born I was quite young so my knowledge of parenting was very low, my mother had my youngest sister when I was 13 so I did have some experience with babies but compared to what I know now, I knew nothing!! My daughter was a fairly easy baby thankfully, and she was very portable, we had no routine, she just slept when she was tired, wherever she my bed, in her bed, in her swing, in her high I just came and went as I pleased and she was content to follow along...

My son on the other hand is the complete opposite!! He needs a structured routine and will only be content if he is sleeping in his bed...not once since day 1 has he ever fallen asleep in his stroller, and he is just now starting to fall asleep in the car if the ride is longer than 30 minutes.

When he was born it had been 11 years since I had last taken care of a newborn so it felt like the first time all over again..this time however I was not on speaking terms with my mother and my dad lived in Ontario, so I basically had nobody to ask questions to. This was Mike's first baby as I had only met him when Nikki was 3 years old, so I was basically relying on the things I could remember from my first experience ( which wasn't much, I think my memory is fading) and I also relied on books and the Internet. I cant say that one particular book or site was the Bible of parenting for me but I was able to take little pieces of each one and piece them together to see what worked.
Portland spent most of his first 4 months in my arms...he was happy there and pretty much refused to sleep elsewhere, and I found myself getting into the habit of rocking him to sleep...then I would slowly creep up the stairs and delicately deposit him in his bassinet and tip toe as you can imagine the gentle depositing didnt always work and there were many rinse and repeat nights...sound familiar?

I was never able to get anything the time Mike would get home at night I would beg him for just 5 minutes to take a shower because I was so drained....I dreamed of being able to put my baby awake but drowsy in his crib...turning out the lights, whispering goodnight, and closing the door...but I was far far from that..many nights he would wake up and realize he was no longer in my arms and start to wail.. I would have to take him to bed with me out of pure exhaustion ( in our co-sleeper of course)!

Then I started to read about routines in my Baby Whisperer book...was this possible? A routine? Predictability? Ability to function? But my first hurdle was getting him to sleep in his crib on his own....I reached out for some help from my network of Facebook moms and the same methods of letting him cry were being suggested. I was not a fan of this method, I hated hearing him cry and I didnt want him to think I was abandoning him. My friend Cassie told me to let him cry for 5 minutes the first day then go in and check him, comfort him, then go again for 5 more minutes...the next day go in after 10 minutes and then 15 minutes and so on until he is able to sleep on his own..I literally sat by the clock and watched the minutes pass.
But wait...could it be? After 20 minutes he was sound his crib...alone....MY ARMS WERE FREE!!!!!! I couldnt believe it!! From that day forward he falls asleep on his own in his crib no problem! It was probably the best decision I ever made! I am not saying it would be that easy for everyone but the trick is to be consistent.
Since then we have been following a routine that is basically ruled by I know that his limit of being awake is usually 2-3 hours after he has woken it goes a little like this:

7:30 - Wake up, Bottle
8:00- 8:30- Play
8:30 - Cereal and fruit
9:00 - Nap
10:30 - Wake up
10:30- 11:30 play
11:30 - Bottle
12:00-12:30 - Play
12:30 - Meat and Fruit
1:00 - Nap
2:30 - Wake Up
3:00- 3:30 - Play
3:30- Bottle
3:30-4:30 - Play
4:30 -Nap
6:00- Wake up
6:00 - Veggies and fruit
6:30-7:30 - Play
7:30 Bath
8:00- Bottle
8:30 - Bed

This obviously can vary depending on the way he sleeps, ect... but this is mostly what I stick to. A routine is great for predictability and babies love to know what comes next, BUT.....if you have to plan an outing or do something that throws off the routine it can sometimes cause major havoc!! That would be my only irk with it. But since we are home more then we are out it really isnt that big of a problem. As he is getting older he is able to adapt more and more to the change. I guess you learn new things with each child as each of their personalities are different and different tactics work for different babies. I really enjoy learning new things with him and I really enjoy sharing some of the things that worked with others..if I can help just one mother free her hands and get control of her days back then I will have succeeded!!

 I have so much to write about but I am just so exhausted tonight so I will continue tomorrow! Lots of stuff going on!

Oh yeah and wanted to let you know that little boy from my bike thief story got his bike back!! I am so glad!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

And the winner of the 50 fan giveaway is.....

Number 52 Shaydon!!! Thanks to her referral entry!! Whoohoo!!! Congrats!!!
Here are your numbers for today's giveaway!

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Today's giveaway is for a " My Little seat" These are great for traveling and visiting! And for all you guys who dont have kids in this age range you will have the option of taking our mystery gift instead!! I give these seats as gifts very often to new moms, so you will have the option of choosing the seat or the mystery gift!

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The only pattern I have available is CoCo Snow.

The draw will take place at noon so that anyone who wants to refer a friend to get an extra entry will be able to have enough time, also remember any referral has to comment on this post telling me who referred them!

Good Luck everyone!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned everyone I will be doing my 50 follower giveaway tomorrow morning at 10 am! I will stick to doing it the same old way I was because I wasn't in my creative mind frame to think of another way!!! So I will post your numbers tomorrow morning and do the draw at 10 am!!

Love this weather!

Man this weather is great! It went up to 21 degrees today according to the weather network! It rained in the morning but we had some sunshine in the afternoon and I am so happy!! I have waited to long to get outside in the warmth!  We had a nice relaxing weekend spent as much time outside as we could.
Saturday evening my sister and brother in law came over and we decided to go out for supper and I have to tell you the story of Portland's first experience with ice cream! Towards the end of our meal the waitress came over to ask us if we wanted any dessert or coffee...we all passed and she asked if Portland who was sitting contently in the high chair had every tried ice cream before? We said no he hadn't and she asked if we would want to try some, so I said sure why not...A few minutes later the waitress came back with a small bowl of ice cream with a bug Sparkler in it...she placed it on the table and Portland was His eyes we as big as the ice cream bowl....super cute...then when it burnt out we all clapped and the waitress grabbed the spoon and  tried to get him to eat a the poor little guy was still shell shocked from the sparkler...and now this strange lady was trying to spoon something in his mouth...he was not impressed...he finally opened his lips enough to just get a little bit in...the poor guy his whole body shivered....I guess the cold caught him off guard...well that was the last straw for him....his eyes welled up and he started to It was super cute, super funny, and super sad all at the same time...I think we will have to try a round 2 in a more quiet setting.....

Sunday we met with a Realtor. After speaking with some friends we realized it would be better to have our own agent and have somebody looking out for our best interest. And all I have to say is WOW...we learnt sooooo much and he really opened our eyes...the farm house we decided was not for us ...there was still a bit of work that needed to be done on the house and some things that we really weren't thinking about at the time..Its a beautiful house dont get me wrong and whoever does buy it will be very lucky and love it I am sure, but for us the fit just wasn't right...Now that we have a realtor on our side he will be sending us different listings that fit what we are looking for. I really am anxious for the day we find "Our Home"!! I will keep you guys posted on our journey!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring has Sprung and the jerks all come out...

What beautiful weather we are having! I think we deserve it! It has been a very very long winter and I am in need for some warmth! I will tell you that this summer I am going to enjoy every single day outside! I will never again take summer for granted!! Yesterday I went for a walk with the kids to get my mind off the house and well someway somehow we were walking and chatting and we ended up right in front of the As if my body just brought me there!!! Well I will be playing the lottery tonight and winning just 1 million of the 50 million jackpot would seriously help me and uncomplicate my please lottery gods help me out tonight!!!

On a not so great note, today around lunch time I was doing my usual daily routine when I noticed some teenage boys outside, one walking and the other on a bike up and down the street for about 20 minutes...I probably would never have noticed them had they not been pacing ..anyway I kept an eye on them and noticed that one of the two  (the one walking) entered the school yard...Now it was obvious that they were more like 15 or 16 years old so I knew they were not students there...then I saw him go over to the bike rack, I went out on my deck thinking maybe seeing me there would scare them off...but nothing, the kid on the bike saw me and mumbled something to his friend but he continued doing whatever he was I stood there and literally watched the whole thing and once it settled into my brain what they were actually doing I ran inside to call the cops. The one guy who had gone into the school yard had huge bolt cutters and had gone into the yard cut the lock of a little kids bike and was taking off with broad daylight...right in front of me...I swear to god these kids have balls these days!!! I also called the school to inform them of what had just happened since I knew some poor little guy was going to come out looking for his bike... :( Turns out it was a little grade 4 boy who had only had the bike for 2 weeks...he was devastated. How could people be so cruel and selfish? Its not about the bike..its about the principal behind it...If I was their parents I would be embarrassed to have kids like that. And where the heck does a 15 year old get huge bolt cutters???? I am seriously losing hope for the youth...Its a sad day when the only thing kids have to do for fun is take from others...
Anyway the cops were here within a few minutes and took my statement but she was brutally honest in saying that most of the time the bikes are not recovered....nor the suspects caught....Either way this is my neighborhood and I will not tolerate this type of behavior!!! I want a safe area for my kids to play...If I sat back and did nothing I would feel guilty, and its basically me saying to them sure go ahead take whatever you whatever you want...nobody will ever stop you.... I can't do that. I don't know if its the warm weather that has all the jerks out on the roads but I have had enough!! Last weekend we had a ring and run around 11pm..These kids had to walk up my driveway past my truck...up my walkway which is extremely well lit and ring the what is going on???? They are not afraid of anything!!! I am starting to think its time to keep a baseball bat at the never know anymore!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

So much going on!!!

Wow so much to tell you much is going on! We visited the house yesterday evening and I am sooooo in love with it....People always told me that you know you are in "THE" house when you walk in and you can envision your family there. I definitely can...I saw the kids running in the yard...I saw BBQ's being had on our deck...pool parties...and just a comfort of being home. Now as I mentioned it is far up in our budget and if it were any other house we would not have even considered it...but it is everything we wanted...perfect size, perfect location, perfect everything..The only thing it doesn't have and would be the one thing on our "CON" list is central air...although the bi-energy heating system is already installed and all the duct work is done so it really wouldn't be that much to add it on. It has a pool for the time being that we can use to cool off if we need. I am so excited and so nervous and so stressed at the same many emotions... Mike and I have a lot of discussing to do!

Next on a not so hot note..I watched Oprah today...the show was about vegan-ism..they showed how they slaughter the cows in the meat industry...and keep in mind it was one of the best meat factories in the country...they didn't dare venture into the disgusting ones...nor would they be allowed I  am sure. It has made me want to be what they called Vegan-ish..A complete vegan doesn't eat anything that comes from animals...which includes, milk , eggs, cheese, butter..ect....I would say that those kind of things don't hurt the least not that I know I think I am leaning more towards a vegetarian type of thing. Its scary when you actually stop and look to see where your food comes from...very very scary...

Next is my decision to open up my daycare...I have going back and forth with this idea for years now and Mike and I have decided that June 1st of 2012 we will open the doors officially! I think it is so important to make sure our children are well cared for. Most parents do not have the luxury of being stay at home parents, and I find it the most rewarding and privileged opportunity to make sure their children are well taken care of while they are away at work. We hear so many horror stories of daycares and daycare centers, providers that do it solely for the money, take in as many kids as legally possible and sometimes more than the legal limit just to make tons of money...My daycare will not be like that. To begin with I will not take more than 3 children to make sure that each one is cared for properly and has enough one on one interaction. Secondly all children in my care will be treated like my own children and how I would want my own children to be cared for. I have been graced with a gift of caring for children and could not think of a better occupation for me. I will be able to provide for my family and love what I do, isn't that everyone's dream?

In one of my previous posts ( Its all about the Benjamins) I spoke about a plush bear doll from Disney that I really want to get for my son's first birthday. Well I got word that they would be in stock today the 6th and I should check online at midnight to see if the site was updated....So last night with toothpicks in my eyelids I stayed up until midnight...after refreshing a hundred times, I decided to read the posting again....oh dear was midnight Pacific!! Which meant 3 AM my like a good mommy I set my alarm  for 2:55 AM...I swear it felt like I had slept for 5 minutes and the alarm was going off....I jumped out of bed ran to the computer and refreshed.........I am happy to say my son will be getting a Special Agent OSO plush bear for his birthday!! :) I cant wait to see his face!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Oh farm I love thee

My hubby and I came across this gorgeous farm house just around the corner from us that has just gone up for sale...It is everything I could every want in a home! Wrap around balcony, tons of land for the kids, lots of bedrooms and basically just gorgeous. Our one huge obstacle when we are looking at houses is SPACE...We need space!!!! I love the idea of an open concept and we need a huge master bedroom to fit our giant king bed we also need a lot of closet space and a nice sized yard for the kids. So with that criteria anything within our price range is very very rare...until this one came along. It is high in our price range in fact it is at the top of our price range, but we do love it and we will be visiting it tomorrow night. I cant wait.
Although we have seen many many houses on the internet and I can safely say that what is online is sometimes nowhere close to what you see in person! So I have the mentality of I will believe it when I see it....

So fingers crossed let's hope this is the one!

Every pan needs a lid...

I swear I must own 6 different sizes of frying pans, I usually only use one since its the biggest one and we are a family of 4 but I realized the other day when I went to make some turkey sausages from M & M that I have no lids for any of them....So now here I am stuck with no lid with turkey sausages that clearly need to be being the super witty and brilliant person that I am ( this is where you shake your head in agreement)... I took out my splatter guard...

For those of you who dont know what a splatter guard is here is a picture :
Its basically a screen you put over your pans to prevent the splatter of grease or oil from getting all over you stove....

Ok so anyway I decided this would make a fine lid and wrapped it up with aluminum foil ...voila:

Here it is in action!

I know...I know...pretty smart... Rachel Ray, and Jamie Oliver think they can force me to buy a lid with my pans...hahahhahahaha not on my watch!!!!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

I feel a giveaway coming on!!

Whohooo we hit 50 followers!!! You know what that means people! A giveaway!!!!! I will be out for most of today since its going to be a sunny +10 I need to enjoy every minute of it! But tonight I will post the info for the 50 follower giveaway! All my fans will be entered  and for each person you refer to follow me you will get an extra entry! Remember that the person or people you refer must comment on this post telling me who referred them. All referrals must be new followers as of today April 2nd, 2011!

Also don't forget to go an like my one and only favorite daily deal site on Facebook to be entered in their 8000 fan giveaway! I have donated a prize and there are about 100 other things you can win!