Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring has Sprung and the jerks all come out...

What beautiful weather we are having! I think we deserve it! It has been a very very long winter and I am in need for some warmth! I will tell you that this summer I am going to enjoy every single day outside! I will never again take summer for granted!! Yesterday I went for a walk with the kids to get my mind off the house and well someway somehow we were walking and chatting and we ended up right in front of the As if my body just brought me there!!! Well I will be playing the lottery tonight and winning just 1 million of the 50 million jackpot would seriously help me and uncomplicate my please lottery gods help me out tonight!!!

On a not so great note, today around lunch time I was doing my usual daily routine when I noticed some teenage boys outside, one walking and the other on a bike up and down the street for about 20 minutes...I probably would never have noticed them had they not been pacing ..anyway I kept an eye on them and noticed that one of the two  (the one walking) entered the school yard...Now it was obvious that they were more like 15 or 16 years old so I knew they were not students there...then I saw him go over to the bike rack, I went out on my deck thinking maybe seeing me there would scare them off...but nothing, the kid on the bike saw me and mumbled something to his friend but he continued doing whatever he was I stood there and literally watched the whole thing and once it settled into my brain what they were actually doing I ran inside to call the cops. The one guy who had gone into the school yard had huge bolt cutters and had gone into the yard cut the lock of a little kids bike and was taking off with broad daylight...right in front of me...I swear to god these kids have balls these days!!! I also called the school to inform them of what had just happened since I knew some poor little guy was going to come out looking for his bike... :( Turns out it was a little grade 4 boy who had only had the bike for 2 weeks...he was devastated. How could people be so cruel and selfish? Its not about the bike..its about the principal behind it...If I was their parents I would be embarrassed to have kids like that. And where the heck does a 15 year old get huge bolt cutters???? I am seriously losing hope for the youth...Its a sad day when the only thing kids have to do for fun is take from others...
Anyway the cops were here within a few minutes and took my statement but she was brutally honest in saying that most of the time the bikes are not recovered....nor the suspects caught....Either way this is my neighborhood and I will not tolerate this type of behavior!!! I want a safe area for my kids to play...If I sat back and did nothing I would feel guilty, and its basically me saying to them sure go ahead take whatever you whatever you want...nobody will ever stop you.... I can't do that. I don't know if its the warm weather that has all the jerks out on the roads but I have had enough!! Last weekend we had a ring and run around 11pm..These kids had to walk up my driveway past my truck...up my walkway which is extremely well lit and ring the what is going on???? They are not afraid of anything!!! I am starting to think its time to keep a baseball bat at the never know anymore!!

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