Thursday, 28 April 2011

Built in babysitter?? No thanks!

So when I am out with both kids I get many many remarks from people about the 11 year age gap between them, everything from "wow what a lucky brother to have a great big sister" to my favorite..." wow you are so lucky to have a built in babysitter"...I cringe when I hear that. People automatically assume that I must have waited that long between children in order to get off scott free when it comes to a babysitter...well they are hugely mistaken...while yes she is a great help and can be my extra set of hands when my other 8 hands are occupied she is not and will not ever be asked to watch her brother so I can relax, go out or nap...this is my baby not hers and its not her responsibility to take care of him. Again I am not saying she cant help me out now and then but I do not ever want her to feel like she is a "built-in-babysitter"!

My little guy is feeling better although he was starting with a weird cough this morning that I am not to happy about...he hasn't coughed again since but I will still be on the lookout!

My hubby is away for work this week and I plan to get a lot done before he gets see he is a worrier....he doesnt like when I take tasks upon myself that I dont have to, so when he goes on business trips I take care of all those things that make him cringe...this weekend for example I am going to change our clothesline..replace the light bulb above the garage, do some landscaping, clean the garage and throw tons of stuff out...He is quite used to it by now and I am sure he just braces for it when he gets home...always thinking in the back of his mind " what did she do?" lol But in the end he is always happy with the progress I have made!

I have finally finished the planning for Portland's first birthday, I procrastinated, but I got everything booked and ordered this week, so now I just sit back and wait for the big day..I cannot believe he will be 1 in 12 days....makes me so sad and happy at the same time! Sad because he is my last "baby" and happy to see how happy and healthy he has grown to be! Now its time for my sister to have a baby so I can get my fix of baby from her little one!!

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