Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coupon crazy

Ok so everyone is talking about that new show on TLC Extreme Couponing... No matter how many times I watch it I am amazed at how this could be possible? So this is my experiment..I will try my best to see how much I can save on a shopping trip. I mean I use coupons here and there but I have never really really thought about what I could I know the USA has different policies about doubling coupons and in store cards and stuff and I dont plan on buying 600$ of groceries and paying 6$ but I would like to see how much money I can truly save if I put my mind to it..also I will only buy things that I will actually use unless its free then I will donate it. We will see what I can come up with!! Stay tuned!

Today we had a consultation with an oral surgeon for Nikki. She was born with two extra baby teeth called "Mesodens" they are tiny little baby teeth that are high up in the pallet and are very rare. When she was 7 we had one of them removed but the other one was too high up in her pallet. So last year when we went to see an orthodontist about getting braces he told us that in order for the braces to do their job we would have to get the other tooth removed. So here we are now seeing the Oral Surgeon. They took a few more x-rays and she told me she had never really seen a tooth in that position...great...
She said she has never gone in to get a tooth and come out no being able to get it. The downside....she would have to be put to sleep for the surgery....not too crazy about that part. I told Nikki that since this was an aesthetic issue and was not impeding in her health that the choice would be hers..The surgeon also said that if we were to wait another 2 or 3 years we could also have her wisdom teeth removed at the same time, so that it would just be one surgery instead of multiple...
At this point she is leaning towards just leaving things the way they are as you can imagine any child is afraid of the word surgery, so we will wait for now and see how she feels a little later on, at least now we know what it will consist of! I am very impressed with the Montreal Children's dental clinic, they are just awesome with the kids and I would recommend them to anyone!!


  1. I agree about the Montreal Children's dental clinic. My niece (who is only 2) had to get surgery on her two front teeth after a fall left them broken. The surgeon did an excellent job!

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  3. I saved $30 last week using coupons and "price matching". All the big stores price match and it makes it easy to go to one store and get all the sale prices from every store.