Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hockey Fever!

Ok so I admit that I only watch hockey during the playoffs...and only if the Canadiens are in the playoffs...otherwise I just dont care...its kinda like the super bowl where I pick my favorite color jersey to win...I know all you hardcore sports fans are cringing...hahahhaa

My little guy was sick over the weekend, we went over to my in-laws for Easter dinner and he started to feel a bit warm...then he got crabby then a full blown cry fest..I knew something was up so after supper we went home. You can always tell your kids arent feeling well by the way they act...all he wanted to so was  snuggle and lay on me...so not like him he is usually hyper and wanting to play...we basically spent Sunday and part of Monday alternating between mommy and daddy and snuggling while we watched some episodes of Oso. My poor boo boo...if there is one thing that can bring a mother to her knees its a sick child...we are helpless and would do anything to trade places with them..its so hard for us to see our kids like that..On the bright side he was feeling better today..not 100% but we are getting there.

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