Monday, 11 April 2011

Love this weather!

Man this weather is great! It went up to 21 degrees today according to the weather network! It rained in the morning but we had some sunshine in the afternoon and I am so happy!! I have waited to long to get outside in the warmth!  We had a nice relaxing weekend spent as much time outside as we could.
Saturday evening my sister and brother in law came over and we decided to go out for supper and I have to tell you the story of Portland's first experience with ice cream! Towards the end of our meal the waitress came over to ask us if we wanted any dessert or coffee...we all passed and she asked if Portland who was sitting contently in the high chair had every tried ice cream before? We said no he hadn't and she asked if we would want to try some, so I said sure why not...A few minutes later the waitress came back with a small bowl of ice cream with a bug Sparkler in it...she placed it on the table and Portland was His eyes we as big as the ice cream bowl....super cute...then when it burnt out we all clapped and the waitress grabbed the spoon and  tried to get him to eat a the poor little guy was still shell shocked from the sparkler...and now this strange lady was trying to spoon something in his mouth...he was not impressed...he finally opened his lips enough to just get a little bit in...the poor guy his whole body shivered....I guess the cold caught him off guard...well that was the last straw for him....his eyes welled up and he started to It was super cute, super funny, and super sad all at the same time...I think we will have to try a round 2 in a more quiet setting.....

Sunday we met with a Realtor. After speaking with some friends we realized it would be better to have our own agent and have somebody looking out for our best interest. And all I have to say is WOW...we learnt sooooo much and he really opened our eyes...the farm house we decided was not for us ...there was still a bit of work that needed to be done on the house and some things that we really weren't thinking about at the time..Its a beautiful house dont get me wrong and whoever does buy it will be very lucky and love it I am sure, but for us the fit just wasn't right...Now that we have a realtor on our side he will be sending us different listings that fit what we are looking for. I really am anxious for the day we find "Our Home"!! I will keep you guys posted on our journey!!

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