Cam Flip Stroller

Although I wasn't on the market for a Umbrella type stroller just yet, I acquired this Cam stroller and I have to say I am in LOVE! With its 5 point harness and light weight it is exactly what I needed for quick trips to the store, quick walks to the park and any other place I need to go to that involves me not having to break my back with my bigger stroller!

Most umbrella strollers have only a 3 point harness which made me think they could only be used for older children, but the Cam has a 5 point harness and not only that it reclines! I remember so many times with my oldest daughter we would be out shopping and she would fall asleep and fall forward so I would have to continue my shopping with the stroller tipped back towards easy feat!

The bright and gorgeous colors it comes in makes me love it even more! I have the orange and brown one but would have equally loved the red one! It also comes with a weather shield  which covers the entire front, and a large canopy, which are two things your normal everyday umbrella stroller would not have.

It comes equipped with a nice sized basket and perfect height handles so that even my 6 foot husband can push it comfortably. My sister who has no kids just yet pushed it the other day and I quote she said " This is a wicked stroller"
So I rest my case if ever you are looking for a lightweight stroller with lots of functions and accessories look no further!