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If you are interested in having me review one of your products please email me at jhoward9@hotmail.com. I will answer your request within 24 hours.

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The fine print!:
Review (and giveaway if applicable) Request
Everyone needs Mom likes to review products, entertainment, services, websites and resources for parents, mothers, women, families and children for her readers. If you are interested in a review and/or giveaway on Everyone Needs Mom, please email me at jhoward9@hotmail.com

Please note that Everyone Needs Mom writes honest reviews. However, if a particular product has provided us with a uniquely negative experience, Everyone Needs Mom reserves the right to withhold from posting a review. In this case, the product will not be returned to the sender.
In order to do a comprehensive review for my readers, I need a sample of your product. I will not be responsible for any shipping, taxes or customs fees.
The sample will not be returned as I will need to use it extensively in order to write an honest and comprehensive review.
Please notify me when you are shipping out the sample. I will notify you once it has been received and, again, when I have posted the review (as well providing you with the link to the review).

If I am doing a review for you, I will also host a giveaway for you at your request.

Please provide me with the following information:
-prize details;
-number of prizes; and
-geographic eligibility (Canada, US, worldwide).