Tuesday, 26 November 2013

It's almost that time!

Does anyone else out there feel like every year passes faster and faster then the last? I swear I feel like we were just swimming in our pool having a BBQ and with a blink of an eye we are a month away from Christmas.

The snow will be arriving this week with our first storm of the season predicted for tomorrow and before we know it, we will be celebrating the New Year.

Each year we try to instill old traditions and new ones as well into our Christmas time fun. This year we went to see the CP Rail Holiday train and even though it was really cold we had such a great time!

They collect donations for the food bank in whichever city they have stopped and the fully lit up train opens up into a wonderful musical party for about a half hour!

Santa comes out of the train and visits with the children for pictures and hands out Candy canes, there are real live firetrucks and firemen for the kids to see. It really is an amazing event and I cannot wait to continue this tradition every year! Even my 14 year old had fun!

This is a picture of one of the cars that were lit up, but there were so many gorgeous ones! 

 Look at the look on P's face! It really shows the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes! He is so happy here!
As we start the month of December I will be reviewing some of the latest and greatest toys that made it on our Christmas lists this year and years past as well so stay tuned we have lots of holiday fun and tradition coming your way! Contests and giveaways too!

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