Thursday, 19 January 2012

Im Back!!!!!

Sometimes our days can be so routine, hours pass by like minutes, days pass by like weeks, and most of us don't take the time to stop and smell the roses. Well I have decided in 2012 I was going to change that for our family. We need to re-align our priorities. We need to start making memories, I want my kids to grow up and say "Remember that time when...", I want photos and scrapbooks and souvenirs! So hold on to your hats fellow readers this year is going to be a fun one and I look so much forward to sharing it with all of you!

A new venture for us this year as well is that we bought our first home what a nerve racking and stressful even that is! So much to do and everything happens so quickly! Thankfully we have an awesome real estate agent by our side, who has gone above and beyond his duties and has been there for us every step of the way! I hope you all can join me as I write about our journey, and all our ups and downs :)

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