Monday, 16 May 2011

Review of the Guzzie and Guss 042 Stroller

I had the great opportunity and privilege of reviewing the Guzzie and Guss 042 Stroller

To start off here is their product video:

Guzzie and Guss 042 Stroller Product Video

I have to say I am a definite stroller-holic, between both my kids I have tried and tested several strollers, I needed something lightweight, versatile and comfortable...and this stroller has it all, some of my favorite features are:

- Reversible seat
- Reversible Handle
- Lightweight frame
- Huge sun canopy
- Basket underneath has a drawstring so nothing falls out
- Brake is on the handle ( No more ruined pedicures from trying to use the brakes while wearing flip flops in the summer!)

There are so many more awesome features:
- It comes with a bassinet attachment which normally you would have to purchase separately.
- It also comes with a rain cover and a foot muff to protect those little legs and feet from getting wet or cold.
- The footrest has changeable positions, and so does the seat itself.
- The handle extends so even taller mommies and daddies can push comfortably.
- We have used the stroller in restaurants as a high chair just by pulling the seat right up to the table.

My son likes to sleep in his crib and only his crib...the rare occasion if he is really tired he may fall asleep in the car. But since he has been born he had never once fallen asleep in his stroller. My daughter was the complete opposite, she would fall asleep in anything that moved. So anyway as you can imagine shopping was a nightmare with him...we always had to plan our trips around his naps and rush back in time for the next one, well that is until now! I went out to the mall with him and he actually fell asleep in this stroller! I think the fact that he was facing me and also that the huge canopy made it a little darker in there made him comfortable enough to take a nap! I Have never felt so free! It was a miracle for me and if that alone does not make you run out and get one for yourself I dont know what will!

I assembled the stroller on my own in about 10 minutes, very simple and easy to follow directions. The customer service is great and there is a one year warranty on the frame and a 6 month warranty on the fabric.

They also sell the universal car seat adapter which is great for moving those newborns from the car to the stroller without waking them, and allows you to use your own brand of car seat instead of forcing you to buy a compatible one like the other travel systems do.

I have tested it on all kinds of terrain, grass, sand, gravel, and thanks to the huge air filled tires it drives like a dream on any terrain.

Here again are some pictures of the stroller as I tested it.

It retails online and in store for about 599$, but this is a stroller you will use from birth until they are out of the stroller, and even when you are done with it, will still have a great re-sale value!

The stroller comes in a variety of colors, gray, blue, red, beige and black.

Here is a link you where you can get some discount coupons on the different models they offer:

Click here to get to the Guzzie and Guss Discount link!

Now its time for the giveaway! The awesome people at Guzzie and Guss have provided me with 2 sets of these great mascots to give away to some lucky followers!

So as usual my followers each get one entry, plus an extra entry for any new referrals and for your chance at another entry, in the comments section of this post tell me the top 3 things you look for in a stroller.

The draw will take place Wednesday evening at 8 pm!

Good luck!


  1. 1: Light to pick up
    2: Easy to handle and push
    3: Large basket under the stroller

  2. 1. Must feel light when pushing.
    2. Seats need to recline fully.
    3. Handles need to be at comfortable height for taller people.

  3. 1. large enough basket at the bottom to fit a reasonable size grocery list.
    2. practical caddy and good canopy
    3. lightweight and easy to push

  4. 1. Easy steering/ smooth ride
    2. Lightweight easy to fold
    3. Easy to recline

  5. 1- Has to close easy (one handed) with a newborn
    2- Big enough wheels to get through climate changes (winter snow, rain puddles)
    3- Recline completely backwards for a full place to nap for when he gets out of infant carrier

  6. 1)Light enough to carry or lift on a bus
    2)Easily turns/handles when going for long walks on boardwalk
    3)Comfort for my little one to sit in while out for these walks :)