Thursday, 26 May 2011

"All my ladies independant..."

I like to think of myself as a very independent woman, I take matters into my own hands when something needs to get done, whether it be building a piece of furniture, making a call or researching something online. I enjoy challenges and love the gratifying feeling of getting things done. If there is a piece of furniture that needs to be built I grab my screwdriver and hammer open up the box and I wont stop until its done..regardless of the task I do my darnedest to get it done!

There is one thing however that has always held me back as far as being completely independent and that is that I do not have my drivers license! it makes me crazy! I took the course when I was 16 years old and I have even had my learner's permit twice! I just never finish it by doing the road exam...I keep telling myself and others that I hate driving but I haven't really done enough of it to even be able to hate it.

Having my license would be so freeing...I could get so much done. Of course my hubby takes me wherever I need to go on the weekends but I hate that our weekends get so busy because we have so many places I need to go! When we decide to not do anything and just relax I am left feeling so unaccomplished and end up not relaxing 100% because all I am thinking about is the stuff that needs to get done, and when we do get it all done, the weekend flies by and we are not able to enjoy it! If I had my license I would be able to get a lot done during the week and that would leave our weekends free to just enjoy! I could get groceries done and any extras that need to be taken care of would all be done during the week. I think its something that I really need to accomplish! If not for me then at least for my kids! Hubby works long hours sometimes and he even has to work some weekends so if the kids need to go somewhere (birthday party, friend's house, ect...) I always have to depend on other people to get them where they need to go. My sister is great, god bless her and takes me where I need to go no questions asked, but I always feel guilty asking her, she works long hours as well and for me to ask her to bring me here or there cuts into her free time as well and I do not like doing that.

 So for my big 3-0 birthday this year Mike has agreed to send me to driving school as my gift! And I have a feeling it will be the gift that keeps on giving once I have the freedom of being able to be completely independent! Wish me luck I will keep everyone posted on my progress so keep me motivated fans!!!

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