Friday, 10 June 2011

Product Review: Baby Kneez

Baby Kneez are designed to protect your child's knees from bruises and scrapes while crawling or playing. They are soft and comfortable and are made to wear over bare skin. You can basically wear them all day and one size will fit up to 4 years old. They are machine washable and are a must have for crawlers! My problem with P is that he is very tall and although there are all kinds of pants out there with padded knees, the ones that would fit him at the waist would not allow the pads to be at his knees because of his height.
With these pads though I can place them where I need them and the great elastic at the top and bottom allow them to stay put.

We have all hardwood in our house except for the basement so when he is crawling around I find it very hard on his knees...just try crawling around for 5 minutes on hardwood...then imagine doing it all day? His knees were full of bruises. These pads are great and he doesnt mind wearing them at all. I can imagine that if you have carpet it can also prevent a lot of carpet burn!

The only downside to these is that if you do not have air conditioning these things can get hot! As you can imagine made of cotton and padding they are quite thick. Thankfully we do have AC so its not a problem for us but its something to think about if you are considering buying a pair. But since these are a one size fits til 4 years old you can still get a lot of use out of them.

They are manufactured entirely in Canada which I love and come in a few different colors!

And because my readers are so wonderful I will be having a giveaway for a pair of these great contraptions!!  All you have to do to enter is be a follower and you may earn an extra entry if you comment below with a post topic request or product review request. Dont forget as always a follower who gets a new reader follow the blog gets an extra entry! Dont forget the new follower has to comment below saying who referred them! The giveaway will take place Monday! Good luck!


  1. P is wearing his Baby Kneez now! Learning how to walk...(aka falling a lot) can be hard the knees as well!

  2. Posting for C.Leclerc81 who is having trouble with posting comments:

    These are an awesome idea, I would totally love to have a set of these...hook me up with the info on how to order them!!!

    And my Product review request is the Gyro Bowl!!!!

  3. Baby Kneez seems to be a product of choice for many moms. Knee protection is vital for babies and toddlers alike. We like that these knee protectors are made from soft fabric to avoid the skin irritation. We also like one size fits most concept.

  4. I've been looking for something to protect my 2yr old's knees, now that the hot weather is here he has had skinned knees every time we've been to the park with shorts on! Hopefully these knee pads will help him:)