Thursday, 22 March 2012


We have all been in that moment in the car when we are in desperate need of something....a Kleenex, a diaper, Hand name it...So here is my attempt to fix this problem, I made the I-NEED-A-BOX, and here is a picture of my first attempt to make one...

Let me explain a little more....In this box is a few items that we occasionally are in need of when we are in the car. The best part of this is that you can add and change up items as you need to, there are endless possibilities. Here is a list of what I put in ours:

1. A diaper
2.Hand cream
3.Band aids
4.Some candies and lozenges
5.A packet of Sunscreen
6.A plastic grocery bag
7.Diaper cream
8.A roll of emergency toilet paper
10. Lip Balm
11.A 5$ bill
12.Wet ones

As I mentioned there are endless possibilities, since this pictire was taken I have added, some Advil, hand sanitizer and a hair elastic, you could add Snacks, a sewing kit, gum, anything that will fit! Now we just pop it into the car  and its there when we need it! I love this idea so much that I am thinking of making these and selling them! Now if only I could stop burning myself with the hot glue gun!

  Also just wanted to add that I cut and used my green onions last night and they were delicious! So the white tips are back in the water growing again :)

*** GIVEAWAY****

Post a comment below and tell me the top 10 things you would put in your I-NEED-A BOX and you could win one for yourself !!

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  1. Great idea Julie! I'm always tossing those things that I need in my car, but then can't find them later. My ten would be, diaper, wipes, hand lotion, kids gravol, garbage bag, kleenex, some change, pen, bandaids, polysporin....and I'm sure there's plenty more!

  2. Agreed, this is a fantastic idea! My top ten would be hair elastic, lypsol, gum, diaper, wipes, baby face cloth, bottle of water, kleenex, bandaids and lastly a pen. :)

  3. 1)pen
    2)granola bar
    5)gloves or mittens
    6)a toonie or Tim Hortons gift card :)
    8)hair elastic/clip
    9)nail file
    10)hand sanitizer

  4. here's my top ten
    1- wet wipes
    2- kleennex
    3- pen
    4- paper
    5- juicebox/water
    6- snack(crakers or protein bar
    7- change for emergency phone call
    8- safety pins
    9- hand sanitizer
    10- garbage bag

  5. Shauna McCaffrey26 March 2012 at 15:55

    This is a great idea!! I am always lugging around a million things in my diaper bag that I really don't always need... I would put everything you put in, with an extra pacifier, lol! And a bottle of water...

  6. Awesome idea. I am organization obsessed so this is just my kind of thing. I laughed when I read about the emergency toilet paper, because I ALWAYS pack emergency toilet paper to go anywhere (I also refer to it as "emergency toilet paper"), and my husband makes fun of me mercilessly for it.