Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Here we go!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a safe and healthy New Year! We had a great one but we were struck with that terrible flu that has been going around. This is the worst year for this strain of the flu! Almost every person I know has been hit with it one way or another! So awful!

On a better note, I have so much hope and goals for this year that I cant wait to share them with you! I have made a few resolutions and set a few goals and hopefully I can follow through with most if not all of them! So here is my list of resolutions so far:

1. Make time to take care of myself
2. Make time to enjoy and focus on my relationship
3. Save and pay off as much debt as possible!
4. Spend quality time with each of my kids everyday
5. Spend more time outside

Sounds awesome right? Just hope I can manage it. Sometimes those things are easier said then done! So please read along as we go through this next year together and follow my attempt at a great 2013!

Did anyone out there make any similar resolutions? Let me know how you are doing with them and if you have any ideas of how to make them work!

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