Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lazy Slow cooker days...

I have to say some days I have tons of energy and can clean the whole house from top to bottom....and other days ....well I could sleep straight through. Today is one of those lazy days, I am slowly but surely recovering from a flu that hit our house and although I am feeling better, my body has not caught up yet.

For these kinds of days I like to make use of my slow cooker, a Mother's best friend as I like to call it! There are just so many recipes out there to try and it makes my day so much easier. A little prep in the morning and voila dinner is ready by 5 pm.

On a day that I would have definitely gone the route of take out rather then cook, I am able to keep my save not spend resolution as well! Everyone wins! Even my picky eater loves the recipes I make!

Tonight we are having Chicken Parmesan in the slow cooker, we have tried this recipe before and we all love it!

Here is the link in case you would like to try it as well, super easy and delicious!


Another thing I have found important in our journey to save money is meal planning! Every weekend before we do groceries I have to plan out what we will be having each night for dinner, knowing when I wake up what is on the menu for dinner, prevents the 4pm panic and stress of figuring out what to have which ultimately leads to ordering take out.

This past weekend we only spent 28$ on takeout, which if you know us is kind of a big deal! We decided not to cut it out entirely or we would feel deprived of it and want it even more! But we used coupons! So that has to count for something!

In the big picture if we look at each and every penny we spend, sometimes it can be the little things we dont think about that can really add up!

So Im off to eat my delish dinner, see you tomorrow!

Please feel free to post some of your tried and true slow cooker recipes in the comment section! I love to try new recipes!

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