Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Is it just me?

So here I am caught in this vicious circle. I swore as one of my many New Years resolutions that I would take better care of myself. My mental plan looked like this:

Wake up at 6:30 every morning and shower, get dressed, and do my hair and makeup. Maybe even throw in some Yoga if I'm feeling adventurous. Afterwards prepare my daughter and hubby some breakfast and send them off.

Sit down and enjoy my coffee and breakfast ( which I also resolved to eat every morning) in peace until 8 am when I wake up my son.

This way I am ready and refreshed to face the day head on!


Let's just say the only time I have seen 6:30 am is when I am turning over and pulling up the covers in bed.....

Even though every day I regret not getting up and starting my day early, I just cannot seem to do it....

I am then forced to feel tired and icky all day until nap time when I can finally take a shower.

Everywhere I look, people are talking about the importance of moms having ME time...well here is how I see it:

When we are not taking care of kids, or husbands, or cleaning, we need to worry about if our legs, pits and other areas are too hairy, we need to make sure we pluck our eyebrows so they don't look like caterpillars... are my roots showing? Oh I need to blow dry my hair before it frizzes.  Do I need to bleach my upper lip? Do I have a stray chin hair that somebody could mistaken for a beard? Am I using enough moisturizer? Oh no I used too much now I'm breaking out....Did I put on deodorant today?

Honestly with that kind of to do list who has time to relax? When we finally get those precious minutes to ourselves this is the checklist that runs through our heads.

And the men??


5 minute shower, rinse shampoo out, get dressed....leave...

So I am trying to find a way to balance it all out....kill this vicious circle I am in, and also writing up a petition that it should now be socially acceptable for women to have hairy legs, caterpillar eyebrows, mustaches, beards, chin hairs, and frizzy hair!

Anyone have any ideas?

Anyone wanna sign my petition ;)

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