Sunday, 11 August 2013

Super Saturdays!

With a husband who works long hours, 5 days a week, we always countdown the days until weekend! Even though they fly by in a flash we still try to enjoy every minute of them...
Yesterday was a really fun day for us. Our 3 year old loves planes, every time he hears one flying by over our house he has to run to the nearest window and check it out.
So yesterday morning my husband suggested we go over to an area by the airport and watch them land!
 When we arrived, there were planes landing every 5 minutes! So exciting!

It was a little loud for P's liking but we sat in the car instead and watched quite a few land and he liked it better. Every time one would pass he would cover his head thinking it was going to touch him! HA!

Next we went over to Toys R Us because who can resist the toy store right? P loves it so much there, that as soon as he sees the sign he cheers for joy! We made the rounds and got out with only a 7$ purchase! A new record for us!

We also stopped at Globo shoes and accessories. As you all know the back to school vibe is in full swing and my teen needs to look her best! She has been researching school bags for the last two weeks in order to find the right one!  We knew she wanted a Jansport brand one, but the color decision was a difficult one..(oh to be young again!)

We went in and were so surprised that they had all the colors she was debating on, so after trying them all on her back and making sure all was just right we came out with this beauty:

And these suckers aren't cheap! 35$ for a school bag? Dear lord! I think the most expensive bag I ever had when I was in school cost 10$...oh well! Whatever I can do to make her enjoy school I will do!
Between bags, uniforms, supplies and shoes, its almost as expensive as Christmas time!

What are your tips and tricks to getting your kids ready for school on a budget? Is it possible to make both your kids and your wallet happy?

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