Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Weekly Meals....Cheque please!

We love to eat, like seriously love it....what I don't love is planning what to eat a week in advance! I dread it every week, I make my numbered list from 1 to 7 and tap the pen on my head.....What are we going to have this week for meals?? Probably the same things we have every other week....Tacos, chicken breast, pasta.....rinse and repeat...over and over...

It drives me insane! Throw in a couple of picky eaters and I just keep spinning in this vicious cycle!

I am a self proclaimed Pinterest addict so I do search there for recipes, but I do admit that if anything has more then 4 ingredients or has the words overnight in it, I'm out...

So how do I win this uphill battle? Any suggestions? I need quick easy meals that will please everyone...is there even such a thing?

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  1. Julie,
    I used to have this exact problem, then one day I read that home cooks generally have a repertoire of about 21 meals that naturally rotate frequently. So I made a list of my 21 meals (I even have one for both warm weather and cold weather). Now, every time I make my menu plan, I used my 21 meals list to inspire me. Don't forget to include old standbys such as burgers, pizza, soups, chili, tacos, etc.